Networking for Career Success!

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The second Golden Key RMIT professional development workshop for 2015, ‘Networking for Career Success’ was held on 5th of May, from 6.00pm-800pm. The workshop was presented by business turnaround and networking specialist, Kane Hooper. It was a fantastic workshop in which the attendees were instilled with knowledge in regards to getting ahead in the workplace via effective networking. 

The evening began with informal conversation and mingling as we eagerly awaited the official start time of 6.00pm. When the time came, the MC for the evening, and Golden Key Professional Development Subcommittee member, Bronte Carter, introduced the night.

Kane got the workshop started with a range of interactive and fun introduction activities. Once everyone was settled, Kane went on to give a truly moving introduction. He explained his inspiring journey from office cleaner to business owner, entrepreneur, author and business turnaround specialist. Not only did he share his amazing journey, but also explained the key aspects of networking he utilized to become so successful. We learnt how to gain the confidence to network as well as key strategies to ensure successful networking. His explanations were engaging, clear and easy to grasp.


At the end of the workshop we were lucky enough for Kane to stay back for an in-depth Q&A session. He was able to give tailored advice to attendees about their specific networking inquires.

At the end of the workshop all attendees were able to use their newfound confidence and networking skills while mingling over refreshments!

Putting our new skills to work

It was a fantastic evening and we eagerly await the opportunities that will arise for what was learnt.

Xiyi and Kane

Special thanks to Kane Hooper and the 2015 Golden Key Professional Development Subcommittee for organizing such an inspiring event!