Committee Bonding: Trapt Escape Room


Last Saturday, our committee went for a small bonding activity – we went to Trapt and challenge their escape rooms! We were divided into groups – thanks to Xiyi for organising – and after all the hassle in the morning, we finally started at 10. 

The first group (where I was in) went into the Prisonbreak room, and the story is that we were going to be executed unless we escape from our prison.

The second group went into the Alice in Wonderland room, they had to follow the rabbit and escape the wonderland.

And last but not least the third group, went into the Biohazard room, and they have to succeed before the room is destroyed! There were talks about who wanted to get chained before it started – I’m guessing the room was really interesting!

In the end we all escaped a few minutes past the limit, but we definitely bonded and became closer to each other. Go team!

We had lunch in Mamak afterwards, had a long long chat and finally head home.

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Thank you Xiyi for organising this event and everyone who attended, hope you had a great time and see you all again soon!

Edeline, Webmaster