Alumni Q&A Panel

Alumni Q&A Panel: Our moderator and panel members | more on rmitgoldenkey.wordpress.comOn 31st of July, we were joined by four amazing panel members, Anna McLeod, Dianna Siomos, Roberto Giannetti and Jennifer Botha, each from different industry backgrounds. We had a practical and engaging discussion on the successes and failures of getting a first job, and navigating the workplace with integrity.

Our panellists emphasised the importance of networking as early as possible. As Jim Rohn says, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’. It is also important to have a mentor to guide you along your career pathway; it need not be a formal mentor, just someone you look up to, or in a position you aspire to be in. In the last round of Q&A, attendees and speakers were closely engaging on the topic of how to be resilient in the workforce, how to have integrity and uphold your values but still maintain good working relationship with others.

In summary, we as students need to work hard, and do not hesitate to donate our time to diversify our experiences, whether this was getting involved in a committee or doing volunteer work. Anna, a career specialist, also empathised that if you wish to secure your dream job, a good LinkedIn profile and internet reputation is becoming more important than ever before.

Here is some final advice from our panel members!

Jennifer: A mentor would guide you through your initiating career, answer all your questions and give helpful tips in workplace. If you don’t have one, try getting one through RMIT mentoring program.

Anna: I always approach and introduce myself to someone I don’t know yet. Be kind and willing to help others as you never know who could be helpful to you one day.

Roberto: Take your job seriously, but don’t forget your family, friends and hobbies. Those are what supported me through my worse hardships at work.

Dianna: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, sometimes the moments where you feel like you’re failing the most is when you are learning and improving at your best.

The Alumni Q&A panel – Talking Successes and Failures was the last professional development event for Golden Key RMIT in 2015. Special thanks to our panel members Anna McLeod, Dianna Siomos, Roberto Giannetti and Jennifer Botha for spending the night with us, the Alumni Q&A Panel subcommittee, Bronte, Leona and Xiyi, and also our committee volunteers, Tina, Edeline, Felycia for helping organise the event.

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Chanel Zhang, Public Relations Officer and Leona Chan, Co-Social Officer

If you’d like to keep in touch with our panel members, below are their details:

Anna McLeod LinkedIn Email
Bachelor of Psychology (Federation University), Master of International Relations (Monash University)

Dianna Siomos LinkedIn Email
Bachelor of Applied Science (Planning) with First Class Honours (RMIT University)

Roberto Giannetti LinkedIn Email
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Computing Systems) (Swinburne University), Master of Engineering (Management) (RMIT University)

Jennifer Botha LinkedIn Email
Bachelor of Business Accountancy with Distinction (RMIT University)