Golden Key Information Sessions

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Thank you for everyone who participated in our information sessions. We had way more people than expected, so it was very exciting for us too! At each session, Amelia, our University Relations officer, made a start by introducing the history of Golden Key International Honorary Society. Followed by our missions and what we have done so far. 

Afterwards, there will be a time where members of our committee shared their individual experiences about joining Golden Key. Felycia, our vice president spoke about how she didn’t even know what Golden Key was until she volunteered to help in an event, which was around 1 year since she joined. Leona joined the general committee straight away, and after helping organising so many events, she is now our Co-Social Officer! Something really good she said was that the more you give yourself into volunteering, the more you will gain from it.

At the end of each session, a few people approached us and asked us really good questions. This would be some questions that were asked:

  • “Is there someone in my discipline?” Yes there will be!
  • “How do I get my voice heard in the committee?” Well first of all, show up in meetings. And if you’re busy and can’t make it to any of the meetings, you’re always welcome to email the president/vice president.
  • “How many workshops do you host?” The RMIT chapter hosted three career development workshops in Semester 1 and other chapters have also hosted a few. You are more than welcome to join most of events across chapters. You can check out our blog to see what events we’ve been in this year.

We are so happy to have highly motivated potential members come to the sessions. If you still have questions unanswered, do not hesitate to contact us via email to or send us a message on Facebook. Hope to see you all again in our other chapter activities!

To see our upcoming events, visit the events tab in our Facebook page.

Edeline, Webmaster and Leona, Co-Social Officer

City Campus Information Session 1 | more on