Officer Vacancies: We need you!

positions announcement

Half way in through the university summer break, hopefully everyone is having a great holiday! After also being on a break, we’d like to announce that we have 2 vacant officer positions currently in our committee. 

Public Relations Officer

You are: a creative person with initiative and an interest in communication and marketing who wants to improve professional skills in these areas.

What you will do:

  • Coordinate all publicity for chapter activities and events. Coordinate efforts with Vice-President. Maintain good relations with campus and local newspapers and radio stations. Set up interviews as needed.
  • Place ads and public service announcements in local media with prior to approval from APHQ.
  • Write and submit press releases for important chapter activities.
  • Explore any creative methods of advertising or publicity to increase awareness about Golden Key.
  • Keep regular contact with URO to update about chapter activities and newsworthy activities.

Academic Officer

You are: (preferably) someone who is currently studying and is comfortable dealing with academics and university staff, and wants to improve networking, communication and organisational skills.

What you will do:

  • Plan and coordinate all activities with academic focus (e.g. Academic Breakfast)
  • Establish and maintain good relations with the university
  • Help the Secretary with the invitations for academics and university staff to attend New Member Reception and/or other events
  • Coordinate the academic sub-committee (if applicable) and call committee meetings as necessary
  • Recruit volunteers from chapter members and/or officers if necessary
  • Work with the secretary to report activities

We’d love to hear from you and can’t wait to welcome new faces to our team!

If interested or would like to know more, do contact us by sending us a message on Facebook, or simply fill in the form below:

Enjoy the rest of your break!

 Edeline Amelia, General Committee Member