Golden Key Committee Training (ft. Victoria Uni)

On February 29, on very special leap year day, our first leadership training has been held. The Golden Key Leadership training was coached by Amelia Yip, Asia-Pacific Golden Key University Relations Officer. The training assisted Golden Key members from RMIT and VU chapters to better understand and access their own leadership skills such as listening, communication, teamwork, strength, resilience and personal power through active discussion and participation in interactive team building group activities. 

“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” —Tom Peters

Silent group activities proved the importance of the communication in the team. Even though it was not allowed to communicate by talking participants found the way to deliver their thoughts and communicate using gestures and body language. It was also really fun to participate in such activity!

Team bonding activity was one of the challenging ones. However, we learned a very valuable lesson: it is crucial to know, understand and support each other in order to achieve the team’s target/aim. This activity helped us to realize that finishing our responsibility and part in the teamwork is not enough. It is very important to encourage, motivate and help your fellow team member in order to achieve the best result for the whole team!

Great leader’s characteristics were also discussed. It was concluded that beside all the previously known characteristics such as vision, communication skills and etc. a great leader should also understand and spot the team’s needs, ambitions, aspirations and worries and must be able to overcome his/her team’s obstacles and develop and grow his/her people! Additionally, during the training, various leadership styles was touched upon and closely examined. The final message was that leadership styles vary and there is no one good leadership model that applicable to all the cases. Depending on the situation different leadership styles should be practiced.

Orkhan Suleymanov, Intellectual Engagement Officer