Committee Bonding: Weekend Getaway


On Friday 18 March, the committee had their first Weekend Getaway trip to Rosebud! This was an opportunity for committee members to bond with each other, and learn how each of us work and function as a team. Most of us arrived on Friday night to settle in. The weather was a mixture of cool and warm breeze across the weekend. 

It was great to have seven of us on-board and participate in the team building activities organised by Xiyi, our Alumni Officer and Co-Secretary. Some of the team building activities included Minefield – an activity which involved guiding blindfolded people along the beach without stamping on seaweeds or stones or any bodily contact – and Human Knot – which involved untangling ourselves from the knot created with only one person being able to speak! Through these exercises, we learnt the importance of communicating effectively, providing feedback and clear directions, and working together to achieve a common goal while having fun with each other!

To add more enjoyment to the trip, each one of us had the opportunity to prepare meals across the three days. We walked to the stores across the house to purchase ingredients. Meals cooked were delicious, ranging from scrambled eggs and pancakes for breakfast to curry and rice for dinner. The enjoyable part of preparing the meals with other committee members was it enabled us to build teamwork abilities, and learn more about each other’s culture and personalities.

The key moment of the trip came on Saturday night, which was celebrating our President, Natasha’s birthday. This was done in style with eating birthday cake and enjoying a beer or two. This moment was special because it highlighted the importance of caring for each other and celebrating each other’s good days (and sticking together through our worst).

The trip concluded with a visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs on Sunday morning followed by a quick detour to the shops. For some of us, this was our first time to the hot springs. Some of us were even daring enough to try the steam and sauna. Glowing with happiness, we took photos to remember this special trip.


Post-Hot Springs

Overall, the trip was nothing short of memorable and fun. It made us all realise the importance of teamwork and helped us understand each other better. What also came out of the trip was the importance of “togetherness” and being there for each other. Keeping up with the team; having a collective rather than an individualistic approach was critical to working as a team. We also learned the importance of communication – how sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it that is fundamental especially when working as a team.

Huge thanks to those who attended for making this trip a success. A special thanks to Xiyi and Francesco, our awesome Social Officer, for planning the team building activities and organising this trip. I myself had a fantastic time, and am sure all who attended did too!

Author: Rohit Kumar – General Committee Member