Future of Leadership Youth Forum

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The Future of Leadership Youth Forum is about effecting change in tertiary education and the broader Australian Community. Golden Key members participate in ideation workshops (prior to the event) and present their ideas to a distinguished panel on the day. Attending this event gives you the opportunity to hear from Golden Key Honorary Member keynote speakers, Harold Mitchell (AC) and RMIT Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean, as well as interact with a panel through Q&A that includes guests such as Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet, and Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision.

Future of Leadership Youth Forum
Monday, 23 November 2015
8.20 am until 1.00 pm
RMIT City Campus, Building 80, Level 4, Room 6
(Registrations open at 8am)

Participants will get a chance to work with a facilitator in ideation workshops to generate ideas and solutions to five key topic areas. A presentation is then to be submitted prior to the Forum, and will be presented in front of the audience on the day. This involves a 15 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A with the panel and audience.

The key topic areas for the ideation workshop are:

  1. Community service: How can students be more involved in the community? How can we streamline student involvement in community service opportunities?
  2. Work readiness: How can universities assist students to become “work ready”? What strategies can you identify that students can implement  to obtain graduate work and what programs are needed to assist the transition from university into the workforce?
  3. Innovation: What do you believe is the importance of innovation in student learning and what key technologies and innovations would you like to see at a tertiary level and in the wider community?
  4. Student experience: How can students take ownership of their own student experience and what ways can you identify for students themselves to improve the student experience? How can they foster community spirit and connectivity?
  5. Future of leadership: What is your vision on student leadership to the future of Australia and, as students of the future, how do you believe students can help improve Australia’s future?

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For further information contact academic@rmit.goldenkey.org.au or simply fill in the contact form below.