The Golden Key International Honour Society, founded in 1977, is the world’s largest tertiary academic honour society, with over 2 million members across 400 chapters and 8 countries. Golden Key recognizes and encourages academic excellence, active leadership and community service. Membership to the society is granted by invitation only to the top 15% of university students across all disciplines of study. By advancing our 3 pillars – academic, leadership and service – Golden Key members uphold standards of excellence both on- and off-campus.

Membership in Golden Key is a coveted distinction that positions students and alumni within a lifetime network of world leaders, Rhodes Scholars, authors, corporate executives, Olympians, dignitaries and other highly successful individuals. These associations provide unmatched access to personal education, career enhancement and unique service opportunities.

Golden Key’s mission is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of Academic, Leadership and Service.

Golden Key’s values are Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Respect, Diversity, Excellence and Engagement.

About RMIT Golden Key

RMIT Golden Key is one of Asia-Pacific’s first chapters starting in 1993. The chapter has approximately 14,000 members to date, and has successfully established a sister chapter at RMIT University Vietnam. RMIT Golden Key has a strong focus on community service, having collaborated with non-profit organisations such as Oxfam Australia, The Red Shield Appeal, and Clean up Australia.

Why should I join Golden Key?

Golden Key International Honour Society strives to unlock the potential of each of its members by offering members valuable opportunities for growth and development, through the pillars of academic, leadership and service. Combining integrity and collaboration in all that we do, Golden Key supports members’ drive to learn, lead and help others.

Golden Key also offers its members with a range of exclusive benefits, such as:

  • Formal academic recognition via an induction ceremony and certificate
  • $1 million annually in scholarships and awards
  • Partnerships with leading Australian and international firms
  • GK Unlocked, an innovative initiative that matches Golden Key student members with leading employers
  • Personal and professional development opportunities e.g. annual Asia-Pacific Conference and bi-annual International Conference
  • Leadership opportunities

What exactly is an honour society and why haven’t I heard of Golden Key before?

Honour societies have been recognized by universities in the United States for more than two centuries. The primary role of an honour society includes providing academic recognition to high-achieving students, and establishing professional and social contacts for these students from diverse faculties and degree programs within each university and reinforce students’ interaction with university staff.

Golden Key has grown internationally and now operates at 400 universities and colleges across 8 countries.

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