Stand Out in Job Interviews

Short role play: how to answer interview questions

The first Golden Key RMIT professional development workshop of 2015, ‘Stand Out in Job Interviews’ was held on 15th of April with a large turnout of enthusiastic Golden Key members. Guest speaker Anna Mcleod of Navitas gave an engaging and relevant talk on how we can all increase our chances of being the one selected for that dream job, or simply how to get our foot in the door in our chosen industry. 

After arriving, attendees and committee members had the chance to mingle, network and catch up before the workshop officially began. Golden Key RMIT’s Chapter President Xiyi Wang gave a short welcome to all guests and introduced Anna, who began her talk by discussing the subject of cover letters vs a career objective summary in your resume; giving tips on how to increase your chances on getting to the interview stage.

Throughout the presentation the atmosphere was very much relaxed, yet professional, with a great deal of audience participation and questioning. Anna’s talk was very well presented; delivered in a way that made the content relevant to all audience members, regardless of their background or career choice. Key topics covered were presentation, self-confidence, knowledge of the role you have applied for, organizational tips, questioning and answering techniques, and how to tackle different types of interviews.

To conclude, Anna and two of the Golden Key RMIT committee members demonstrated a short role play of good and bad answering techniques, with the chance for the audience to identify why the techniques were or were not effective.

As a token of gratitude form the audience and committee, Chapter President Xiyi presented Anna with a bottle of wine and thanked her on behalf of everyone there. At the conclusion of the presentation, there was again the chance to mingle and network while enjoying some refreshments, and the audience were able to approach Anna for a one-on-one discussion and questions.

Mingling and snacking!

As time went on, everyone gradually filtered out, and what was a successful workshop came to a close.

Special thanks to Xiyi, Felycia, Tapiwa, Leona, Edeline, Chanel and Bronte from the 2015 committee for making this workshop happen, and of course to Anna McLeod for presenting.

Xiyi and Anna

Bronte Carter